“Queen of Tears” To Add 2 Special Episodes To Soothe Audience, Leading To Speculation Of Sad Ending

The drama's recent announcements have made the audience skeptical about the ending of “Queen of Tears.”

The hit drama “Queen of Tears” is almost coming to an end and its current developments give no evidence of a “happy ending” for the main couple. Hong Hae In’s illness is getting worse, she even confuses her husband and Yoon Eun Sung. Meanwhile, Baek Hyun Woo is always by her side protecting and taking care of his wife. The young couple expressed their deep love for each other, making many viewers hope that Hong Hae In would miraculously recover from her illness.

queen of tears

In screenwriter Park Ji Eun’s previous dramas such as “Crash Landing on You,” “My Love from The Star,” “Legend of the Blue Sea,” the main couples are always put into the most desperate situations but in the end they can still be together. Although the plot of “Queen of Tears” is reaching a “dead end”, the audience still hopes that the writer will give Baek Hyun Woo and Hong Hae In a happy ending.

While fans were holding on fragile hope, TvN announced to broadcast 2 more special episodes and emphasized that the purpose was to “appease the audience”. “Disappointed? We don’t want a sad ending. They deserve to be happy”, “Can’t continue watching the special episodes after being “disappointed about the ending”, “I really don’t dare to dream of a happy ending” Fans continuously commented on the forums.

The disappointment increased as the production team announced that the lead actor and actress would not appear in the special episodes due to their busy schedules.

Source: k14

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