“Protect Jennie!” fans of BLACKPINK Jennie demand YG to respond to photo leaks

Huge fan bases of BLACKPINK Jennie have urged YG Entertainment to respond to the ongoing online photo leak. 

Recently, a large number of photos presumed to be Jennie and her rumored partner, BTS V, were leaked online one after another.

This is a serious breach of privacy, Jennie’s fans claimed. However, Jennie’s agency YG Entertainment and V’s agency Big Hit Music have not made any statements regarding the authenticity of the dating rumors and the leak of photos. 

Among them, huge fan bases of Jennie, both at home and abroad (including Jennie DC Gallery, CHINA JENNIE BAR, and more), have formed the “Jennie Global Fan Union”, and issued a statement on September 23rd, urging YG for a response.

In particular, they said, “Over the past few weeks, we have constantly communicated the  seriousness of the ongoing  issue to YG Entertainment and related officials regarding Jennie’s privacy protection, but the appeals from fans have been to no avail.”

“Regardless of the party’s intention, photos are being circulated, and many people are consuming them maliciously,” the union said, adding, “This is a serious privacy invasion and defamation issue that YG Entertainment must legally respond strictly to.”

The fans also added, “Because we know the sensitivity of the matter, it is also difficult to expect any immediate actions and results right away. Nevertheless, YG Entertainment’s continued silence is difficult to comprehend. What we want is for YG to officially clarify the company’s position to protect artists. We strongly demand a notice of official legal action against those who use the issue as an excuse to inflict secondary harm on Jennie, spread malicious rumors, and slander.”

Finally, they said, “It is the company’s natural duty to protect its artists. We hope you will accept the demands of fans this time.”

On the other hand, Jennie’s group BLACKPINK is in the midst of activities for their 2nd full-length album “BORN PINK”.

Source: edaily

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