“Power abuse controversy” Meenoi reconciles with AOMG “Sorry for causing fatigue”

Singer Meenoi, who caused controversies over unauthorized departure from advertising shooting and staff mistreatment, has reconciled with her agency

Meenoi‘s agency AOMG announced through an official press release on April 11th, “We have achieved a smooth relationship restoration through in-depth discussions with Meenoi over a long period of time. We apologize for causing fatigue to the public.”

AOMG added, “There were parts where we did not adequately consider Meenoi’s position due to our shortcomings in the process of responding to the series of incidents. We will strive for closer communication with the artists to prevent unnecessary misunderstandings.”

Meenoi, who sparked controversy over failed advertising shoot, claimed through her Instagram on March 3rd that there was no absence from the advertising shoot, fake stamps were on the contract, and she demanded contract modifications but could not reach an agreement.

However, on March 6th, a media outlet released smartphone conversations between AOMG officials and Meenoi from January 30th, before the advertising shoot absence incident, revealing that Meenoi and AOMG had sufficient discussions before the advertising shoot, and reported that Meenoi did not show up for shooting unilaterally.

Moreover, what Meenoi claimed to be “fake stamps” was actually “electronic signatures”. It was revealed that AOMG had conducted advertising shoots more than 40 times using the electronic signature method, and Meenoi had never raised any issues with this method, which instead backfired on Meenoi.

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