“We apologize for hurting fans…”, JYP apologized for the controversies over ISAC banner production and staff’s power abuse remark 

Criticized for requesting fans to make a cheering banner for Stray Kids at the ‘2022 Chuseok Special Idol Star Athletics Championships’, JYP Entertainment issued an official apology.

On August 2nd, JYP released a statement, saying “We would like to apologize for the issue related to the recent ‘2022 Chuseok Special Idol Star Athletics Championships’ that did not go smoothly.”

The agency continued, “Regarding the issue of the cost of banner production, we apologize for hurting the hearts of fans, for whom we should have been grateful, with our wrong direction during the event”, adding “We have already sent a separate apology to A, who produced the banner that was selected for the event, through e-mail, and taking advantage of this opportunity, we would like to apologize to you once again.”

JYP also apologized for their staff’s “power abuse” remarks at the recording site of “Idol Star Athletics Championships”.

The agency said, “A staff member was found saying ‘If you don’t stop filming, I’ll read fan letters’ through SNS on the day of the recording, and the representative of our fan marketing team also confirmed the incident to be true”, adding “As a result of our investigation, the issue was found to be a wrong decision made by the staff of a security company we hired.”

Earlier on August 1st, A, a fan of Stray Kids, posted on her own Twitter account, saying “There’s something I’m really disappointed about JYP’s Division 1. Other divisions of other idols only asked fans to send draft banners and then they made the official ones, but I had to pay about 190,000 won for the banner production and quick delivery fee to send the banner to the event with my own money.”

A added, “I even failed to attend the ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’”, adding “I was a little upset, so I sent an e-mail to the agency asking to save at least one seat for me at ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’ but received no answer.”

After A’s post spread online, JYP Entertainment apologized and promised to prevent recurrences. 

Source: nate

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