Police announced plan for a second summons of Yoo Ah In, “No new information but…”

The police plan to summon actor Yoo Ah In for additional questioning regarding his drug use suspicions.

On April 17th, Head Woo Jong Soo of the National Investigation Headquarters of the National Police Agency explained part of the investigation plan regarding Yoo Ah In’s habitual drug use suspicions during a press briefing.


Head Woo said, “We will summon Yoo Ah In one more time”, revealing that there is a plan for a second summons.

He continued, “There is no new information”, adding “After this additional investigation to deal with the part that had not been fully resolved in the previous summons, we will determine whether to process him as a new recruit”.

Yoo Ah In is currently under investigation by the police on charges of taking 4 types of drugs, including marijuana, propofol, cocaine, and ketamine.

On the 27th of last month, he was summoned by the police as a suspect. After a 12-hour investigation, he went out and apologized, “I deeply reflect on disappointing many people who have loved me until now as I’m standing in this position due to an unsavory incident”.

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Later, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Narcotics Crime Investigative Department raised an additional suspicion that Yoo Ah In had purchased the psychotropic drug Zolpidem for non-medical purposes and is currently investigating it. Zolpidem is mainly used to treat sleep disorders and requires a prescription from medical staff.

In this regard, Yoo Ah In’s agency UAA stated, “It is true that Yoo Ah In has been taking sleeping pills for a long time due to a chronic sleep disorder. In the past, he had taken sleeping pills containing the ingredient in question. However, for the past six months, he has switched to sleeping pills with different ingredients. He has never used them for any other purpose. The truth will be revealed through the police investigation.”

The police are also conducting an investigation into Yoo Ah In’s accomplices who allegedly took drugs with him.

Source: Wikitree

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