“PINK VENOM” was actually spoiled long ago: Somi being the culprit? 

Netizens dig up past Somi’s livestreams to find a leaked snippet of “PINK VENOM”.

On 1p.m. KST of August 19th, the famous YG girl group BLACKPINK officially made their comeback with a  3-minute long music video “PINK VENOM” after two year of absence. This comeback of the renowned group turns all social media platforms upside down. 

Somi accidentally leaked Jennie’s line in one of her livestreams. 

At the same time the song is being talked about, netizens unearth an ironic story related to “PINK VENOM”.  Specifically, in early March, in one of her livestreams on her personal Instagram account, Somi, BLACKPINK’s junior, leaked a snippet of Jennie’s singing by accident. At the moment the solo artist opened her door, a snippet of the song echoed through the hall, causing the singer to panic and hastily close the door. At that time, netizens were somewhat suspicious of it either being BLACKPINK’s preparation for their comeback or Jennie gearing up for her next solo song. 

As BLACKPINK finally resumes to the Kpop race with their highly anticipated “PINK VENOM”, it is confirmed that the leaked Jennie’s singing was actually a part of their comeback. 

BLACKPINK’s comeback with MV “PINK VENOM”.

However, despite having the same melody, the lyrics of the spoiled part does seem to differ from the released MV. This begs the question if there may be an English version of this song. 

Returning to the stage after two years, BLACKPINK and “PINK VENOM” turn all social media platforms upside down. Captivating outfit design, catchy melodies, high-quality music video and the four members’ breath-taking visuals are having BLINKs and general K-pop fans on the edge of their seats. 


Following their MV release, BLACKPINK is gearing up for their October World Tour. YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK’s management company, promises this will go down as the biggest world tour in the history of female K-pop groups. The tour starts in Seoul, Korea to countries such as the US, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and finishes in New Zealand. 

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