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A famous celebrity who debuted a week after being cast on the street

A singer who debuted and was active as a member of a popular girl group revealed the story behind her casting.

Singer Seo In-young appeared as a “famous singer” on the May 20th broadcast of JTBC’s “Famous Singers – Battle Again”. Seo In-young, who went on stage with Jewelry members, sang the hit song “One More Time”, receiving cheers from the audience.


Seo In-young revealed the story of her debut. Debuting as a member of Jewelry in 2002, she surprised everyone by saying, “I was cast on the street. At that time, I thought it was hunting. I debuted at a high speed in a week and immediately ran events.”


On the following stage, Seo In-young showed off her outstanding singing and dancing skills, drawing admiration.

Seo In-young, who joined Jewelry in 2002 as the youngest member, released a number of hits such as group songs “I Really Like You”, “One More Time”, “Super Star” and solo song “Cinderella”. In particular, the song “One More Time” topped music shows for 7 consecutive weeks and won Song of the Year (Digital Daesang) at the Golden Disc Awards.


Around the same time, she appeared on “We Got Married” with singer Crown J and gained huge popularity. She also drew attention with her unique fashion style, creating the “Seo In-young Short Hair” syndrome.


After leaving Jewelry in 2009, she turned into a solo singer and continued her activities.

Source: wikitree

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