Past photos prove why SNSD Yoona got the nickname ‘Yoongphrodite’

Yoona’s past photos were dug up, stirring up social network sites!

Referring to the top visuals of the 2nd generation, Yoona of SNSD is definitely the first name mentioned. Since her debut, the female idol has quickly won the hearts of millions of viewers thanks to her pure appearance. Over the years, Yoona has become more and more beautiful and attractive.

Yoona’s sweet beauty

Most recently, Yoona‘s middle school photos were suddenly dug up and caused a stir on social media. When she was a teenage girl, the SNSD member was outstanding. In particular, Yoona’s funny moments with friends also made netizens excited.

Yoona’s impressive beauty when she was in middle school
The female idol stood out no matter where she was
Do you recognize that pretty girl?
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