(G)I-DLE’s “Wife” Banned by KBS for “Sexually Provocative Lyrics”

According to the results of the music review released by KBS on January 24, (G)I-DLE’s “Wife” was judged unsuitable for broadcast because of “sexually provocative lyrics”. 

(G)I-DLE’s “Wife”, which was released on January 22, was a song in which member Soyeon participated in writing the lyrics, composing, and arranging. Considering that the song’s title is “Wife”, many of the metaphorical lyrics have sexual nuances.


Another new song of (G)I-DLE, “Rollie”, scheduled to be released on the 29th, was also banned for broadcast by KBS because it mentioned a specific product brand.

Both songs are included in (G)I-DLE’s 2nd full-length album [2], and changing the lyrics is inevitable if these songs are to be promoted on KBS.

Meanwhile, (G)I-DLE and the group’s agency has not made any comment regarding the situation.

On the other hand, contrary to the reactions of Koreans, most of whom finding the lyrics of “Wife” to be just sexual, international fans inferred that the song is actually a social commentary on how a “Wife” has to meet all sorts of impossible criteria. 

Source: Nate

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