Park Yoochun’s current status, tattoos covering forearm revealed “This is who I am”

Former TVXQ member-actor Park Yoochun revealed his current status

On April 17th, Park Yoochun shared two photos on his account along with the caption “-happy +happy“. In the first photo, Park Yoochun is seen wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt, resting his chin on his hands while looking somewhere. The camera zooms in on Park Yoochun’s forearm, highlighting his tattoos. The second photo also featured his tattoos.

Upon seeing the post, fans expressed concerns, “He has too many tattoos“, “I hope he stops getting tattoos now“… In response, Park Yoochun commented, “Y’all don’t have to love my new tattoo. But this is who I am. But the thing is I still don’t know how to do lives. Hahahaha.”

Park Yoochun's current status, tattoos covering forearm revealed

Fans who saw Park Yoochun’s comment responded with comments like “As long as you’re happy“, “I hope you’re healthy and happy” and “The tattoos look cool.

Meanwhile, Park Yoochun was arrested in 2018 on charges of using Philopon and was sentenced to ten months imprisonment, suspended for two years. At the time, he held an urgent press conference and vehemently denied the allegations, stating, “I did not use drugs. If I had, I would retire from the entertainment industry.” However, Park Yoochun tested positive for drugs, and his drug use was confirmed, leading to his expulsion from the entertainment industry.

Park Yoochun's current status, tattoos covering forearm revealed

In December last year, he also made headlines for being listed as a habitual tax defaulter by the National Tax Service. It was reported that he had failed to pay a total of 490 million won in taxes, including five cases of capital gains tax evasion in 2016.

Although it seemed like Park Yoochun had left the entertainment industry, he reversed his retirement after just one year and began to make moves towards returning to showbiz. From Feb 9th to 11th, he held fan meetings and dinner shows in Japan to commemorate his 20th debut anniversary.

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