Park Yoo-chun Held Expensive Fan Meeting And Dinner Show Despite Drug Use And Tax Evasion Scandals

On February 9th, Park Yoo-chun held a fan meeting named “Re.birth” to commemorate the 20th anniversary of his debut at LDH Kitchen The Tokyo Haneda in Japan.

According to Japanese fans’ photos and videos, Park Yoo-chun appeared chubbier than in the past. During the event, he smiled leisurely, exchanged jokes with fans while making various hand hearts.

Park Yoo-chun Dinner Show in Japan

Park Yoo-chun asked fans in fluent Japanese, “Do you want me to make a cheek heart even though I’m in my 40s?” and the fans answered, “Yes.” After the event, fans left reviews online, such as “Yoo-chun was really cute,” “He didn’t run away from the pain he’s been suffering so far and continued to be on stage,” and “I had the last high touch, and his palms were cold.”

Park Yoo-chun Dinner Show in Japan

Park Yoo-chun’s fan meeting will run for two days until October 10. He will also host a “The Kahala Hotel & Resort Dinner Show” in Yokohama on October 11. The price of the fan meeting is reportedly around 210,000 won (23,000 yen) and the dinner show is around 460,000 won (50,000 yen).

Earlier, Park Yoo-chun was sentenced to 10 months in prison and suspended for two years for taking drugs. In 2019, he held an emergency press conference and denied all allegations of taking methamphetamine and said, “I will retire from the entertainment industry if I am found guilty of drugs,” but he is still engaged in activities such as fan meetings after proved guilty.

In addition, Park was found to have failed to pay taxes worth 409 million won (465,640 U.S. dollars). In December last year, Park was ordered to pay 500 million won (465,540 dollars) to his agency in return for his independent entertainment activities in violation of the court’s provisional injunction decision.

Source: StarNews

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