Park Shin-hye And Park Hyung-sik On Not Using Photo Editing Apps, “Sometimes My Chin Disappeared”

Park Shin-hye and Park Hyung-sik had a pleasant talk in a recent YouTube video.

On February 13th, the latest episode of the YouTube show “Salon Drip 2” was posted on the YouTube channel “TEO” under the title of “The Heirs Becoming Doctors at That Time.”

Actress Park Shin-hye and actor Park Hyung-sik, who are acting on JTBC’s drama “Doctor Slump,” appeared as guests. “I heard that Shin-hye is a person who stands on two feet on the ground,” host Jang Do-yeon said using the words of the late actress Kim Young-ae. “I wanted to distinguish between my job and my daily life as an actress. I believe I should have time to live as the real me. So I go around comfortably when I don’t work. I don’t care if I’m bare-faced.” 

When asked what to do if people recognize her, Park Shin-hye said, “I used to be shy, but these days, I just say, ‘I’m sorry because I’m bare-faced,'” drawing laughter by showing a cool hand gesture. She also said, “Sometimes I get in trouble and sometimes I’m using the (photo editing) app and I’m like, ‘This isn’t me.

“Sometimes I get surprised. My jaw disappears like I am an alien,” Park Hyung-sik agreed with Park Shin-hye about using photo editing apps. Park Shin-hye added, “At times like this, I think, ‘Isn’t it too much of a scam?'” Park’s cool-headed response drew attention. “It’s not me. Okay?”

Source: Herald Pop

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