Park Seo-ham’s side to respond to the “sasaeng” action: “That’s not what fans do, that’s stalking”

“Sasaengg is an obvious stalking act” (by Park Seo-ham’s side)

Actor Park Seo-ham heralded a strong response to excessive privacy violations. Park’s agency NPO Entertainment announced its position on July 19th, saying, “Please stop the stalking activities.”

The agency said, “We are aware of the so-called ‘sasaeng fans’ that violate the privacy of our actors through internal monitoring and reporting from fans.”

park seo ham

“Some sasaeng fans have chased our vehicles to schedules for a long time to find out where Pak Seo-ham lived. They even went to his residence and followed Park Seo-ham’s personal life. They also took pictures and videos without permission.” 

When Park Seo-ham was serving as an alternative social worker, the sasaeng fans also visited his commuting site. They are known to have created anxiety and fear by waiting or watching Park Seo-ham.

Park Seo Ham

NPO warned of the acts, saying, “It is an obvious stalking action that cannot be included in the word ‘fan’,” and “We will take a firm response to such stalking crimes.”

Finally, he added, “They are causing extreme damage not only to the actors, but also to the actors’ family, acquaintances, and staffs,” adding, “Please stop stalking.” 

park seo ham

Meanwhile, Park Seo-ham has emerged as a rising star after the original Watcha drama “Semantic Error.” He was very popular after showcasing his chemistry with Park Jae-chan in the aforementioned BL drama.

Park Seo-ham began his alternative service as a social service worker in March.

Source: dispatch

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