HYBE explains why LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Garam was punished under 5th level disposition

HYBE issued an additional explanation regarding Kim Garam’s alleged violence. 

The fact that Kim Garam received a 5th level punishment (1st level is the lightest, 9th level is the heaviest) by the School Violence Countermeasures Committee has raised the question that if she were actually innocent like HYBE said, and she was unfairly punished, shouldn’t she have actively protested against the unjust disciplinary action? 

Even lawyers who have dealt with many school violence cases are puzzled, saying, “In general, it is extremely rare to issue a 5th level disposition in the absence of physical violence.”

Regarding this inconsistency, HYBE and Source Music told Donga on May 20th, 5th level punishment was issued even though there was no physical violence. Since the school violence committee is not a court, each case, school, region, and person in charge proceeds differently.” 

Kim Ga-ram

The agency continued, “At that time, Kim Garam’s mother believed that the school would have provided the most helpful direction for her child, so she did not go through the process of appealing the punishment. Now, she regrets accepting it without raising any objections, but back then, she believed it was the best thing to do for her child’s education.”

Up to this moment, the alleged victim and her legal reps have not yet responded to HYBE’s latest position. Attention is being paid to how much HYBE’s claim that Kim Garam is the “victim who received the 5th level disposition” can change the public’s negative opinion.

Source: sports.donga.com

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