Park Myung Soo wants to have 7 children like IU?

Entertainer Park Myung Soo made various praises about singer-actress IU in a recent radio show.

On April 28th, KBS Cool FM “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show” featured the ‘Search N Chart’ corner with Jeon Min Ki.

That day, Jeon Min Ki prepared a big board chart before the official chart. He comprehensively analyzed K-pop singers who are popular both domestically and abroad.


Among the listed names, IU ranked fifth. Regarding this, Jeon Min Ki expressed his admiration and said, “She is the first female singer to perform a sold-out concert at Jamsil Main Stadium. The capacity is said to be 100,000 people.”

In response, Park Myung Soo said, “She’s not only talented in music but also excellent in self-management. She’s amazing. And isn’t she such a great singer? And her possibilities can go way beyond.”

The entertainer also drew laughter by joking, “I should have gotten closer with her back then.”

Following this, Jeon Min Ki added, “Her mother also prepares cushions for the audience at the concert venue. She says that she doesn’t want people who come to her daughter’s performance to get hurt.”

In response, Park Myung Soo said, “IU grew up with her grandmother and has a deep affection for her. If I have such a child, I would want to keep having more. I want to have about 7. One child like her is not enough.”

Source: Daum

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