Park Min-young Puts “Mistress” to Shame in “Marry My Husband”

The audience finds themselves in awe of Park Min-young’s beauty and charisma ahead of her new drama “Marry My Husband”

Recently, tvN released a teaser for the upcoming drama “Marry My Husband”, which has garnered attention for featuring the renowned beauty Park Min-young in the lead role of Kang Ji-won.

In “Marry My Husband”, Kang Ji-won fell in love with and married her boyfriend, Park Min-hwan. However, Kang Ji-won’s life under her mother-in-law was far from pleasant, and she was even diagnosed with cancer. 

On top of that, during the final days of her life, Kang Ji-won discovered that her husband was having an affair with her best friend, Jung Soo-min. After a tumultuous struggle, Kang Ji-won met her demise at the hands of the man she once called her husband.

Park Min-young exudes charm in the teaser for “Marry My Husband.”

Fortunately, Kang Ji-won was fortunately reborn into the past, when she has yet to marry her cheating husband. To change her fate, she makes an effort to help her former husband and his “mistress” become a couple. At the ceremony, Kang Ji-won whispers to Jung Soo-min, “Congratulations on marrying the trash I threw away,” then confidently strides away, leaving the viewers in awe.

In addition to the teaser, tvN also unveiled a video capturing moments from the script reading session. Here, Park Min-young once again leaves everyone jaw-dropped with her top-tier beauty:

park min young

The drama “Marry My Husband,” starring Park Min-young, is set to air on tvN starting from January 1, 2024.

Source: K14

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