Park Jin-young Expresses Regrets About Embarrassing Blue Dragon Stage, “Should’ve Done It With Golden Girls”

Park Jin-young regretted not being able to perform with Golden Girls at the Blue Dragon Film Awards

KBS’s entertainment program “Golden Girls”, known as Park Jin-young’s project to create a female group consisting of diva singers Insooni, Park Mi-kyung, Shin Hyo-beom, and Lee Eun-mi, is attracting keen attention from the public. In particular, it even ranked second in the December entertainment program brand reputation ranking of December.

Episode 7 of “Golden Girls”, scheduled to air on December 22nd, will show the group’s guerilla concert. Park Jin-young has a meeting with Golden Girls to discuss the promotion of their guerilla concert on social media. 

Calling Yoon Jung-soo and Nam Chang-hee, Park Jin-young receives a request to sing the song he performed at the Blue Dragon Film Awards, making Golden Girls members burst into laughter. It is known that Park Jin-young accepts the request and plans to take revenge.

A fan of Golden Girls sends a comment praising the members’ outstanding live performances and says to Park Jin-young, “Park Jin-young, go get a lesson from Golden Girls”, drawing laughter. In the end, Park Jin-young admits without hesitation, saying “All right”. 

He later confesses, “I should have gone to perform at the Blue Dragon Film Awards with you guys (Golden Girls members)”, expressing his regrets about not being able to present a group performance. 

Park Jin-young suggests, “Five of us should wear dresses and perform together next time”, promising to perform with Golden Girls at another award ceremony. Attention is focused on whether viewers will be able to see Golden Girls and Park Jin-young on the same stage.

Source: Daum

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