Park Hyo-joo surprised Song Hye-kyo and netizens with her unconventional pictorial photos

Actress Park Hyo-joo, who is well known as Song Hye-kyo’s close friend, drew attention as her unconventional pictorial photos were revealed.

On December 14, Park Hyo-joo uploaded several pictorial photos in collaboration with the fashion magazine DAZED Korea through her Instagram. In the released photos, Park Hyo-joo posed in a jacket without wearing underwear.

Park Hyo-joo Dazed Korea

The actress caught everyone’s eye by revealing her voluminous body with unconventional exposure. She also boasted her chic charm with intense smokey makeup. She then captivated viewers by creating a distinctive alluring atmosphere with her charismatic eyes. In other photos, she matched a tube top over a knitwear or wore a crop top and a miniskirt, showing off her ant waist as well as superior proportions.

After seeing the images, Song Hye-kyo left a comment exclaiming “Wow“. Kim Sung-ryung also expressed her surprise by saying, “I’m in stunned mode. Who’s this? You’re so cool.” SNS users responded enthusiastically below Park Hyo-joo’s post, such as “Sis, you’re so cool”, “You’re so great that I can’t say anything now”, “I like you”, “You look like a different person”, “Femme Fatale”, “Your charisma is crazy”, “I’m out of breath”…

Park Hyo-joo Dazed Korea

Park Hyo-joo, who debuted as a magazine model in 2001, has been active in various works including dramas “Chief of Staff 2”, “Dr. Romantic 2” and the movie “Tazza: The Hidden Card”.

Meanwhile, in SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up” that is currently airing, she plays the role of Jeon Mi-sook, who is suddenly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer while waiting for her second pregnancy.

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