Park Ha Sun Discusses Upcoming Movie, Apologizes for Disabled Brother Who Passed Away 

Actress Park Ha Sun expressed her heartfelt apologies towards her late younger brother. 

On June 28th, an interview with actress Park Ha Sun, who starred in the film “Where Would You Like To Go?” (directed by Kim Hee Junh), was held.

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“Where Would You Like To Go?” is a film that tells the story of Myung Ji (Park Ha Sun), who lost her husband in a sudden accident and left for Warsaw, Poland, and Ji Eun (Jung Min Joo), who lost her brother in a similar accident, and Hae Soo (Moon Woo Jin), who parted ways with her close friend, as they heal each other’s wounds and provide heartfelt comfort.

When asked about the reason for appearing in the film as the character Myung Ji, Park Ha Sun said, “I watched Director Kim Hee Jung’s previous work, ‘A French Woman,’ and it was so good that I wanted to work with the director and be a part of his project someday. Soon after, I received a surprising contact. Honestly, even before reading the script, I thought I should do it if possible. When I watched the original work, I cried for a long time. It was so sad.” 

She continued, “There was a part that personally resonated with me in what the little brother said to his sister. I felt relieved after crying. I wanted to convey this emotion, so I decided to take on the role. Personally, I was attracted to it because I felt like I was being healed.

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In 2019, Park Ha Sun had to bid farewell to her younger brother who had developmental disabilities. She said, “Because my younger brother had a developmental disability, he couldn’t freely say things like ‘I’m sorry, I love you, thank you’ to his sister. Of course, there were times when he said them, but it’s not easy to express due to the developmental disability. But suddenly, my brother went to heaven, and I felt guilty. I remembered the things I couldn’t do and felt full of apologies. But the words ‘Thank you, I love you, sister’ that appear in the film were like the words my brother told me, and personally, I felt healed.”

She went on to reveal her affection for her late brother, “Acting seems to be helpful no matter what kind of work it is. It can be helpful even in difficult times. After I had to let go of my brother, I was able to incorporate emotions that I wouldn’t have known if it weren’t for my brother while filming ‘First Child’. I’m grateful for that.” 

Meanwhile, “Where Would You Like To Go?” will be released on July 5th.

Source: Nate

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