Park Eun-bin Proves Herself As A Versatile Beauty, From Acting To Singing, Dancing & Variety Shows

There’s nothing that the multitalented star Park Eun-bin can’t do

On October 4th, Park Eun-bin appeared on tvN’s entertainment program “Amazing Saturday”. That day, the production team released a video of Park Eun-bin dancing to BLACKPINK’s “Shut Down”, drawing admiration from the cast members. As the praise continued, the actress explained that she prepared it for her fanmeeting.

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During the snack game, she came out to the center of the studio and danced when IVE’s “Love Dive” was played. Seeing Park Eun-bin perfectly complete the hard choreography, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon exclaimed, “You really look like your character (in the recent drama)”.

In addition, Park Eun-bin also amazed everyone with her extraordinary sense of entertainment. The actress confidently broke the rules during the dictation game and said, “I’m not going to appear on tvN again”, surprising Key.

Park Eun-bin is starring in tvN’s Sat-Sun drama “Castaway Diva” as Mok Do-ha and she actually dances and sings in the drama. Revealing that she decided to sing the songs in the drama by herself to make the scenes more realistic, Park Eun-bin shared, “Every time I did the recording, it would take me about 7 hours at least or even up to 10 hours.” The actress added, “I thought I would fail but it actually worked”, and emphasized that she even gained singing skills.

Meanwhile, Park Eun-bin has been working nonstop ever since she debuted as a child model. Making her face known to the public through KBS’s “Empress Myeongseong” with the role of young Lady Min, Park Eun-bin has gained recognition through various famous works. Last year, she created a syndrome with the role of autistic lawyer Woo Young-woo in ENA’s drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” and won Daesang at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards.

In September last year, Park Eun-bin held her first fanmeeting to meet her fans. The actress prepared various performances to showcase her singing and dancing skills as well as communicated with fans through sincere talks.

“Castaway Diva”, starring Park Eun-bin, airs at 9:20 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday.

Source: Daum

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