Park Bom brought to life 14-year-old hit “You & I”, drew attention with appearance and voice

The singing voice and appearance of Park Bom at her solo concert, which was held after various difficulties, drew attention. 

On June 10th, Park Bom successfully finished her solo fan concert, “You & I”, which was held in Manila, Philippines, marking her grand return after facing various setbacks. 

Park Bom debuted as the main vocalist of 2NE1 in 2009. At the time, she was one of the group’s most captivating members due to her beauty and distinctive voice, which were considered a trademark of YG Entertainment. However, at the peak of her popularity, Park Bom’s career came to a halt due to various controversies and obstacles. 

park bom
Park Bom is considered one of the main vocalists that contributed to the signature “YG color.”

In the end, 2NE1 sadly said their goodbyes and ceased activities in 2016, causing Park Bom to gradually fade away from the music scene. From 2019 until now, however, Park Bom has been returning with various solo projects, surprising the media and alike during each promotion with her changed appearance. In particular, the female idol’s weight continuously fluctuates, likely due to her battle against a condition called lymphedema.

Park Bom shone at her solo fan concert "You & I."
Park Bom shone at her solo fan concert “You & I.”
Park Bom
Park Bom’s appearance continuously changed due to lymphedema.

At the recent “You & I” concert, Park Bom showcased her nostalgic voice to fans. In particular, she demonstrated overwhelming energy and skills through performances of songs like “Spring” (ft. Sandara Park), “Don’t Cry,” “4:44,” “My Lover,” and more. 

Particularly, the stages of “Lonely” and “You & I” by Park Bom were filled with a sense of nostalgia, taking fans back to the heydays of Park Bom and 2NE1. 

park bom
Park Bom performed the hit “You & I.”
park bom
“You & I” stage in 2010.

Despite it having been almost 14 years since the release of “You & I”, Park Bom’s singing voice still captivates even the harshest critics. In fact, compared to her live performance in 2010, Park Bom’s voice hasn’t changed much, even carrying more soulful emotions. 

It seems that even with the various challenges she has faced, Park Bom maintains an impressive live singing voice, where she hits high notes with strong internal power and delivers songs in her unique style. True to her reputation as a main vocalist that carries the distinct “YG color”, Park Bom moved fans to tears as she brought to life the hit that hugely contributed to her fame. 

park bom
Park Bom delivered a consistent performance after 14 years.

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