Park Bo-young shows first airport fashion 17 years after her debut

Actress Park Bo-young surprised everyone by showing her first airport fashion 17 years after her debut

On Dec 8th, Park Bo-young‘s Vlog EP 2 was uploaded on BH Entertainment’s official YouTube channel.

In the video, Park Bo-young went to the airport to attend the 8th London Asia Film Festival through the movie “Concrete Utopia”. Park Bo-young said, “I’m going to London after Toronto. In London, I’ll try to film well and upload the video. I’m happy and exciting. Today, there are reporters too. I dressed up carefully. If I didn’t, maybe you can’t film me now.

While on her way to the airport, Park Bo-young shared, “This is my first airport fashion! Honestly, I’m so worried. Because the wind can turn my bangs upside down. It’s my first time in 17 years since my debut wearing airport fashion that only celebrities do.” Her manager also exclaimed “Really? That’s surprising“, unable to hide his astonishment at Park Bo-young’s first airport fashion.

Upon arriving in London, Park Bo-young engaged in full appreciation, taking pictures of Big Ben and the Thames River. When director Um Tae-hwa praised “The pictures came out well“, Park Bo-young boasted about the model of her cell phone, causing laughter. She also flexed by paying for the meal with her personal card.

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Ahead of her attendance at the film festival, when her manager asked “How will you express your face today?“, Park Bo-young replied, “Because there was a concern last time, I won’t be chic (worried) today.” While taking “sexy” version photos for upload on SNS, Park Bo-young burst into laughter. She successfully wrapped up her time at the film festival, interacting in a friendly way with fans.

Source: Daum

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