Park Bo-gum announced an unexpected decision today (January 30)

Actor Park Bo-gum signed a contract with an unexpected agency.

The Black Label, a management company founded by general creative director Teddy, announced on the 30th, “We have signed a management contract with Park Bo-gum, the representative of Korea, who is trusted and loved by the public across the screen and TV.”

Park Bo-gum

The Black Label said, “We are very happy to be with actor Park Bo-gum, who is exerting global influence beyond Korea.We will make full use of our strengths and know-how to provide full support around the world.”

Park Bo-gum’s decision is even more unexpected because The Black Label is the ‘home’ of artists such as Taeyang, Jeon So-mi, Zion.T, Alti, Lauren, Vince, and Brian Chase. Although child actress Ella Gross’s also under The Black Label, she is only 14 years old and is mainly working as a model in the United States. Thus Park Bo-gum is the first and only Korean actor under The Black Label.

Park Bo-gum

Earlier, Park Bo-gum terminated his contract with Blossom Entertainment. Since then, Park Bo-gum has been firmly silent, although various rumors have circulated, including one-man agencies, independents, HYBE, and YG Entertainment.

Finally, his final destination was confirmed to be The Black Label. With the head of the company being Teddy, who has written many popular songs by YG’s top artists such as Big Bang, 2NE1, and Black Pink, attention is being paid to whether Park Bo-gum will participate in new activities as well as singing.

Source: wikitree

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