K-netizens discuss the No. 1 girl group of K-pop 3rd generation: TWICE or BLACKPINK?

TWICE and BLACKPINK are neck and neck when it comes to the girl group that dominates Kpop 3rd generation. 

If the battle between 4th generation girl groups is tense as ever due to fierce competition between current and upcoming potential rookies, when it comes to 3rd generation girl groups, the crown belongs to either TWICE or BLACKPINK.

Over the years, the girl groups of JYP and YG have always been one of each other’s biggest rivals. Regarding visuals, TWICE is famous for having the lineup with no visual hole. In terms of digital and album sales, TWICE was once labeled the “digital and physical queen” of Kpop until BLACKPINK started to take over. 

No. 1 girl group of K-pop 3rd generation
No. 1 girl group of K-pop 3rd generation
… and BLACKPINK are the 2 leading girl groups in the peak of Kpop 3rd generation

With their equally outstanding achievements, Korean netizens are always divided when deciding if TWICE or BLACKPINK is the No. 1 girl group of the 3rd generation.

Recently, in order to conclude this never-ending debate, a Pann Nate user made a compilation of data from Gallup Korea to prove that not BLACKPINK, TWICE is actually the best girl group of the 3rd generation.

According to OP, Gallup Korea is a credible organization that can reflect public opinion on important matters including politics. So their annual ranking is an accurate measure to show which girl group wins the hearts of the Korean fans. OP has compiled the results of Gallup’s female group survey for 6 years, from 2016 to 2021 – the peak of Kpop 3rd gen and here are the results:


2016 is considered the most memorable year of TWICE’s career when the massive hit Cheer Up was released and took Korea by storm. Cheer Up helped TWICE’s win Daesang Song of the Year at most major award shows such as MMA, MAMA, GDA and SMA. Also in this year, TWICE landed in 2nd place in the 2016 Most Outstanding Artists ranking, surpassing even EXO. Meanwhile, BLACKPINK was completely absent from the list.



2017 continues to be another successful year for TWICE with back-to-back releases of smash hits like Knock Knock, Signal, Likey, Heart Shaker. The group outranked global boy group BTS and made it into Gallup’s chart at No. 2, second only to “nation’s sister” IU. On the other hand, BLACKPINK was unable to enter the Top 10.


TWICE’s own heyday had lasted 3 years in a row as in 2018, the JYP girl group continued to be on top with the hits YES Or YES, Dance The Night Away, What Is Love?.  TWICE maintains 2nd place and is the most popular girl group in 2018. On the other hand, along with the success of Ddu-du Ddu-du, BLACKPINK marked the first time entering the top 10 Gallup but still only at No. 7,  lost to TWICE by 5 places.


Entering 2019, TWICE clearly regressed when it dropped to 6th place in Gallup’s artist survey.  However, this ranking is still enough to beat BLACKPINK.  The YG girlgroup didn’t even make it to the top 10 even though Kill This Love has achieved great success.


The switch between TWICE and BLACKPINK became clearer when BLACKPINK released How You Like That in 2020. At that time, the 4 YG girls began to be named as global girl groups,  and were even able to compete with BTS.  Also in this year, TWICE took the 5th place on Gallup chart, but BLACKPINK had gone further and took the 3rd place even though they were not in the top 10 the year before.


2021 continues to be an unlucky year for TWICE.  The group fell to 7th place in the chart, losing to rookie aespa.  Meanwhile, BLACKPINK maintains 3rd place thanks to the extremely successful solo debut of Lisa and Rosé.

Based on the data just mentioned, the topic owner concluded that TWICE completely overwhelmed BLACKPINK in the 4 years from 2016 to 2019. Meanwhile, starting from 2020, the YG girl group has just begun to rise strongly.  In terms of the number of “on top” years as well as the highest rankings achieved by the two groups on Gallup, this person thinks that TWICE is really the queen of Gen 3. 

Before that, many BLINKs thought that BLACKPINK had surpassed TWICE in both 2018 and 2019.  And the topic owner used the Gallup chart to prove that BLINKs were wrong.

Netizens’ comments:

  • The best song of the 3rd generation is Cheer Up or Ddu-du Ddu-du.
  • Sorry but the real winner is BLACKPINK.  Why are ONCEs trying to deny this fact?  Please stop pretending like TWICE is on the same level as BLACKPINK.  Every indicator says that TWICE has lost this battle.
  • When looking at the battle between TWICE and BLACKPINK, one side always gives specific figures, and the other side keeps claiming that their idols are top stars without any proof.
  • After BLACKPINK‘s debut, this game is over.
  • BLACKPINK is the most viewed girl group on YouTube this year.
  • The worst fandom is BLINK.

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