Only 2 among 3 girlgroups from Big 3 chosen by music critic to be leading girlgroups for the new generation.

It’s surprising that the Big 3’s “Bermuda Triangle” can’t appear in the current idol generation.

Each audience has his/ her own opinions about which idol is the most popular star. This point of view may be significantly affected by his/ her preferences. So, it’s understandable that fans usually have the same thought: their favorite idols must be favored by other people too.

However, the reality is not so simple. At present, if asked which 3 girl groups are the representatives for the new idol generation, which groups will you choose?

Yes, you may have your choice (and everyone respects your decision). But according to Cho Kyu Sung – a popular Korean music critic – the top 3 girl groups leading the new idol wave are TWICE, Red Velvet and… GFriend.

In the latest book named “Ancestors of Girl Group”, the music critic emphasizes the result of her research in the popularity and the influence of 3rd generation girl groups. In this result, TWICE, Red Velvet and GFriend stand out as the most well-known girl groups towards Korean public when the 3rd idol generation is mentioned.

Choi Kyu Sung also claims that this trio are the best juniors that are able to take over the success of their seniors. These seniors are SNSD, Wonder Girls, the 2NE1 – the 2nd idol generation and S.E.S, Fin.K.L, Baby V.O.X – the 1st idol generation.

Even though the book “Ancestors of Girl Group” was well invested and written by the music critic Cho Kyu Sung, it startles many Kpop fans because BlackPink – the popular girl group from YG Entertainment – couldn’t make it into the top 3 girl groups of the new generation. A great amount of people state that GFriend’s position should have belonged to BlackPink.

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