Ong Seung-wu gets cast in new drama “Strong Woman Kang Nam-soon”… He will be back on the small screen as a passionate detective

Ong Seung-wu will make a drama comeback with the rom-com “Strong Woman Kang Nam-soon”

On May 27th, Ong Seung-wu’s agency Fantagio said, “Ong Seung-wu has confirmed his appearance in the drama ‘Strong Woman Kang Nam-soon’. He will work hard to prepare and greet you with a new appearance through this drama so please show a lot of interest and love for him.”

“Strong Woman Kang Nam-soon” is an extension of the worldview in “Strong Woman Do Bong-soon”, the first Korean drama with a female hero. Centering on Kang Nam-soon, the drama depicts the story of women of three generations (grandmother, mother and daughter), who have extraordinary power, carrying out a project to discover the reality of new drug crimes in Gangnam.

Ong Seung-woo

With the teaming up of Baek Mi-kyung, the writer of “Mine”, and “Work Later, Drink Now” director Kim Jung-sik, drama fans are raising high expectations for the interesting story they will tell. 

In this drama, Ong Seung-wu will take on the role of Kang Hee-sik, a member of the secret investigation team in charge of drug crimes in Gangnam, who attracts the attention of Kang Nam-soon (Lee Yoo-mi). Hee-sik is a smart and passionate detective who graduated from the police university.

In addition, Hee-sik is curious about Nam-soon, whom he met by chance and at the same time admires her. The two then cooperate and fight against evils in society. Ong Seung-wu is expected to give so much fun to the viewers by performing pleasant action scenes and an exciting romance.

lee yoo mi

Ong Seung-wu began acting through JTBC’s “At Eighteen” in 2019. He appeared in JTBC’s “More Than Friends” and Kakao TV’s original series “Would You Like a Cup of Coffee?” in the following year.

Since then, he has continued building his filmography by taking on different genres, from rom-com to action, through “Life is Beautiful” and is about to release movies “Jung’s Ranch” and “Seoul Vibe”.

lee yoo mi

Ong Seung-wu does not hesitate to take on new challenges with his wide acting spectrum and solid acting skills. Expectations are higher on what kind of charms he will show in “Strong Woman Kang Nam-soon” and captivate the viewers’ hearts.

Meanwhile, the drama “Strong Woman Kang Nam-soon”, starring Ong Seung-wu, is scheduled to air in the first half of next year.

Source: Daum

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