Once being T-ara’s fanboy, now BTS Jin attended Jiyeon’s wedding and even did a special thing

The fact that Jin (BTS) was present at the wedding of Jiyeon (T-ara) surprised many fans.

On the evening of December 10, the wedding of Jiyeon (T-ara) officially took place in the blessing of millions of fans. This is also an event that brings together a series of famous idols such as IU, 3 T-ara members Hyomin, Eunjung, Qri, Lee Hongki, Super Junior members,… and especially the unexpected appearance of BTS Jin

bts jin jiyeon wedding
bts jin jiyeon wedding
BTS Jin at the wedding venue

Jin enthusiastically performed a special task: throwing flower petals at the bride. As Jiyeon passed Jin, she couldn’t help but laugh out loud. It is clear that the two artists have a good relationship.

BTS’ fans will not be difficult to recognize the group’s fondness for T-ara sunbaenim. Jin and V, Suga used to sing T-ara’s Time to Love while they were in the car, and Jin’s facial expression showed that he was a true fan of the group!

Jin sang T-ara’s Time to Love

Not only Jin, but BTS members have repeatedly expressed their support for T-ara. In 2014, the group also had a video of them dancing to T-ara’s Sugar Free choreography. So, although Jin’s appearance at Jiyeon’s wedding surprised fans, it was not unreasonable.

Jiyeon BTS Jin
The friendship between Jin and Jiyeon makes many people thrilled

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