“Monster Rookie” NMIXX has made numerous hot topics since debut but still cannot enter the monthly reputation rankings?

Netizens are raising heated discussions about the reason why NMIXX has not entered the monthly brand reputation ranking.

“Monster rookie” NMIXX, which is created by JYP – one of the biggest entertainment agencies in Korea, has been promoted a lot since their pre-debut stage. Although NMIXX’s debut song O.O received negative responses and did not rank high on music charts, the girl group still made lots of hot topics.


Since NMIXX is still gaining keen attention from the public, many people are curious about why this girl group has not entered the monthly brand reputation ranking’s TOP 100. In particular, this JYP rookie is absent from both the group and the individual brand reputation charts.

NMIXX was not named in both the brand reputation ranking for groups…
… and for individuals in April 2022.

Since their debut, NMIXX has made quite a lot of hot topics. The girls received numerous compliments for their vocals, live singing, dancing skills as well as visuals from Korean netizens. Especially, member Sullyoon has appeared on the hot topic charts constantly for her outstanding appearance and is also named a “top visual of the 4th generation”.

NMIXX and Sullyoon have become hot topics so many times

As netizens have constantly searched for NMIXX and Sullyoon and raised discussions about the girls on SNS sites and online communities, the fact that both the group and its members were “not found” on brand reputation charts is not understandable at all. It’s hard to suspect any manipulations aiming at JYP artists since seniors groups TWICE and ITZY still chart high on these brand reputation rankings every month. In fact, even members from less popular groups managed to appear in these charts.

As a result, some raise another suspicion that NMIXX’s hot topic data might have been faked, while others believe these hot topic mentions do not affect much of the score on brand reputation rankings. 

Netizens’ comments:

  • How many hot topics does the group create in a month? If they made several hot topics  at the beginning of the month but was not mentioned any more later on, it’s still hard for the girl group to get a high brand score
  • I don’t think this is something hard to understand. Their debut song only reached No.90 on Melon. Hot topics do not have much influence on brand reputation charts… 10 hot topics are not even comparable to a news article with high reactions
  • Hot topics are not enough. Their fans should spend more time reacting to articles. That’s the only way to increase brand scores. NMIXX’s fandom is still small so it’s still hard for them to enter the rankings
  • NMIXX’s debut is such a flop compared to other girl groups from JYP. They are not even comparable to other rookie groups. I wonder will they be able to make a breakthrough with the next comeback?
  • A girl group from JYP with talents and visuals often mentioned on hot topics… I don’t understand why they could not even enter TOP 100
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