Oh Se-hun confessed after ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’ ended, “This is my first drama. I’m grateful for being able to work with great people”

Oh Se-hun (EXO Sehun) expressed his feelings after the drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up” ended.

In SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up” (script written by Je In, directed by Lee Gil-bok, created by GeulLine&Kang Eun-kyung, produced by Samhwa Networks and UAA), Oh Se-hun took on the role of Hwang Chi-hyung, son of the fashion company The One’s CEO and the new designer who joins the company thanks to his father’s power.


Hwang Chi-hyung, played by Oh Se-hun, seems to enjoy his life the way he wants. As he is quick-witted and good at catching the mood, he brought more energy to the story with his honest and pleasant charms. Together with the youngest member of the design team Jung So-young (Ha-young), the two showed off their great chemistry through small fights and added more fun to the drama.

Although this is Sehun’s first appearance on a small-screen work, he attracted keen attention with his natural acting and voice tone that perfectly matched his character. Therefore, K-Drama fans have raised high expectations for his growth as an actor in the future.


Expressing his thoughts after the drama ended, Oh Se-hun said, “I felt grateful for being able to meet and work with great people through my first drama. The director, the writer, staff, and other actors helped me a lot. That’s why I could learn many things and enjoyed the filming. Thank you for your love and support. I will continue to work harder and show better performances.”

Meanwhile, Oh Se-hun is also drawing keen attention as he is about to make his debut on the big screen and challenge himself with action acting, such as using swords and bows, playing the role of the talented archer Han-goong in movie “The Pirates: Goblin Flag” (directed Kim Jung-hoon), which is scheduled to be released on January 26th.

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