Kpop group with no Korean, 4 members from different countries

With 4 members from different countries, Black Swan is a unique Kpop group whose strength lies in their “singularity”.

In a recent Q&A, Black Swan revealed honestly the reason they came to Korea, as well as the difficulties they face.

black swan

The following is Black Swan’s Q&A.

Q. Black Swan is a team with a lot of member changes. The feeling of successfully completing activities with 4 members like this is unique.

Fatou: To be honest, I felt like it’s not right at first. I closed my heart because I had good chemistry with the previous members. I had to build relationships with people again and start from scratch. Fortunately, my heart naturally opened up as I sat down and had a long conversation with the members. Now it’s like fate. I’m really thankful that we’re together.

Q. There are no Koreans in the group. We don’t think it’ll be easy to adapt. Do you have any difficulties?

Fatou: Communication. Gabi’s way of speaking was harsh at first.

Sriya: She speaks loudly and has a strong tone.

Fatou: At first, she was like, “Do you want to fight?”

Q. On the contrary, is there any good thing about having only foreign members?

Sriya: We got along well, and we got close quickly because we have similar personalities.

Gabi: We’re from different countries and cultures. So we’re open to understanding cultures and languages a little more together.

Q. If you had to describe Black Swan in one word, what kind of group would it be?

Fatou: Future. I think there’ll be many groups like this in the future.

Q. What is Black Swan’s dream as K-pop singers?

Fatou: No.1 in the world. We’re the best. Be careful. (laugh)

Q. What are your future plans?

Fatou: We’re preparing for our next song. We’re also preparing for our Asia tour and comeback in September.

Source: Daum

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