“No Hand Day” Han Ga In surprised by her pretty appearance when she was young, Shin Dong Yeop confesses “I saw my father get scolded”

Han Ga In and Shin Dong Yeop recalled their childhood memories on JTBC’s program “No Hand Day”.

JTBC’s entertainment show “No Hand Day” (directed by Kim Min Seok, Park Geun Hyung, written by Noh Jin Young) is a program that tells the life story of citizens who dream of a new start at unfamiliar places, following their stories until they reach their new life. The show airs every Friday evening at 8:50 p.m.

Han Ga-in

The 3rd episode, which aired on Dec 9th, depicted the story of a family of three daughters moving to Gangneung, Gangwon-do, in search of new happiness in Ssangmun-dong, Seoul, leaving behind a hometown with numerous memories.

On the show, Han Ga In shared, “I was a good daughter. When I received my allowance, I saved them all in my pocket until I gathered lots of money and gave them to my mom”, adding “I also helped my mom a lot”. When Shin Don Yeop asked, “Your mother didn’t refuse the money you gave her?”, Han Ga In replied, “Mom always said, ‘You’re the best’”, drawing laughter.

Shin Dong-yeop Han Ga-in

Shin Dong Yeop then shared, “My father was a teacher. I once ran an errand to my father’s school and accidentally saw him getting scolded by another teacher in the hallway”, adding “I ran outside in case he found out that I saw him, who had always been a reliable father to me, get scolded by someone else. After crying, I washed my face and went to see my father. I became more mature after that accident. However, I’m grateful to my father.”

Han Ga In was very surprised when the photo that a story applicant sent to the program was revealed. She pointed to the photo and exclaimed, “This is me”. It turned out that Han Ga In’s cousin applied to tell her story on “No Hand Day” after hearing the news of Han Ga In joining the program as an MC. In response, Han Ga In also sent a message to her cousin, saying “Thank you so much for your story. I miss you so much”, expressing her gratitude. Later, the actress looked at the picture again and commented, “I thought that was my son”.

Han Ga-in

Meanwhile, the clients of that episode decided to move to Gangneung to live there on weekdays due to the father’s work and share daily life moments in Ssangmun-dong on weekends.

Han Ga In said, “I also want to leave Seoul”, adding “I grew up in the countryside. I love the memories of those days when I played with my sisters and brothers despite our family’s poor condition. I was very happy.”

Shin Dong-yeop Han Ga-in

Shin Dong Yeop and Han Ga In later met their clients, the family of three lovely daughters Koo Ha Yeon (11 years old), Koo Ha Ra (7 years old) and Koo Ha Bom (6 years old).

Han Ga In expressed her affection for the children, saying “As a mother of two children, I keep wondering what kind of education I should give to my children, what they really want, and whether I am doing well.”

Source: Daum

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