No:ze, current status 7 months after controversy over power abuse

Dancer No:ze (real name Noh Ji Hye, 27) delivered her current status.

On Feb 25th, No:ze posted several photos.

Noze instagram

No:ze, with long straight hair, boasts her college student-like visual with light makeup and modest styling. She wears a backpack and goes on a picnic. The kimbaps, which seem to have been wrapped by No:ze herself, contain ham, eggs and avocados. It is the daily life of No:ze taking a rest in a quiet space.

Noze instagram

Meanwhile, in July last year, No:ze was embroiled in a controversy over power abuse related to conducting SNS advertisements. At that time, No:ze apologized, “I am truly sorry for causing damage and disappointment to the officials without any excuse. I should have acted with responsibility as much as I was loved by many people. I deeply reflected and felt myself not being able to do so and realized that I still have a lot to learn. My immature attitude caused trouble for the officials and disappointed the fans who cared for me and loved me. I know that I can’t undo my past mistakes in any words, so I will do my best to reflect deeply and show you a better image than asking for immediate forgiveness.”

Source: Nate

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