Noze apologizes for her SNS advertisement power abuse controversy

Dancer Noze released her official apology regarding the allegation of power abuse in SNS advertisements through her agency.

On July 5th, Starting House Entertainment issued an apology regarding the controversy over dancer Noze’s power abuse in SNS advertisements. They said, “We would like to deliver our position on the uploads of our artist Noze’s advertisement posts”, adding “First, before the artist makes her advertisement posts on SNS, we always check the contract period and set the schedule then deliver the information to the artist to upload through her SNS. Regarding the upload and deletion of posts, we want to inform you that the agency and the artist proceed after consultation.”


The agency continued, “However, we failed to keep the contract period promised in advance with the advertising companies due to our carelessness in the above process. In addition, the fact that posts were not uploaded before the deadlines or deleted was due to our lack of communication with the artist. We apologize for causing inconvenience and disappointment to advertisement companies and fans who support Noze.”

Lastly, Starting House added, “Our company and the artist have realized the seriousness of this issue and we are reflecting on it. We will do our best to prevent this from happening again in the future.”

Earlier, on July 4th, Starting House, the management agency of Noze, released an official position regarding the female dancer’s ongoing controversy.

The agency said, “We would like to inform you that it is not true that Noze uploaded sponsored posts onto her SNS by dividing the brands into ‘luxury’ and ‘small and medium-sized’ and that she received between 30 and 50 million won for each post.”

The agency continued, “As for the schedule for uploading such posts, it is not individually decided by the artist, but we check the contract period first then deliver it to the artist. After that, according to the schedule, uploading and deleting posts on SNS will also be carried out under discussion between the artist and the company.

The agency concluded, “We will do our best to communicate with the brand officials to avoid misunderstandings and take into account all unforeseen circumstances.”

Previously, Korean media outlet Wikitree raised suspicions that Noze, who shot to stardom after participating in Mnet’s dancing competition show “Street Woman Fighter”, was abusing her power of a celebrity against some smaller brands while doing SNS advertisements.

Noze was accused of uploading sponsored posts later than the agreed schedules and taking down advertisement posts from smaller brands while keeping those from luxury brands.

Source: dispatch

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