Taylor Swift’s cat has a net worth of $97 million, named as the world’s third richest pet

Global pop star Taylor Swift’s cat, a Scottish Fold named Olivia Benson, is the world’s third-highest-earning pet.

Taylor Swift‘s famous cat, a Scottish Fold named Olivia Benson, is one of the richest pets in the world, according to data collected by the cat information website All About Cats on Jan 4th (local time).

Taylor Swift cat

Olivia Benson has a net worth of $97 million earned from appearing as a cameo in Taylor Swift’s music video, and in mega-budget commercials such as Diet Coke. For reference, as of 2022, Taylor Swift’s estimated net assets are $450 million.

Taylor Swift cat

According to the data, the world’s richest pet is the German Shepherd Gunther IV, while Nala Cat ranked second. Gunther VI’s fortune is said to amount to $500 million.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift will make a feature film with a script she wrote herself, while Searchlight Pictures, an independent and artistic film distributor, will be in charge of the production.

Source: Naver

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