Nichkhun, “The house in Thailand with unique interior is my grandmother’s home. I live in an apartment” (Where Is My Home)

Nichkhun explained the house which is known as his home in Thailand.

Nichkhun appeared as a guest on the 177th episode of MBC’s entertainment program “Where Is My Home”, which aired on October 9th.


During the broadcast, the cordis mentioned Nichkhun’s house in Thailand. The house, which boasts a unique size from the outside, impressed everyone with its antique interior with oriental style.

However, Nichkhun explained, “The publicized house is the home of grandmother. My real house has never been revealed”, adding “My house in Korea has rarely been shown on broadcasts either”.


The cordis then asked questions, such as “Is it bigger? So that’s why you cannot show it”, “I heard each room is a pool villa”, “Is it a whole 24-story building”, etc. In response, Nichkhun replied, “It’s just a normal apartment”.


Source: Nate

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