Girlgroup Member-Turned-DJ Killed Delivery Man While Fleeing From A ‘Hit And Run’

DJ Yesong killed a delivery man while being on the run after another accident.

DJ Yesong (Ahn Ye-song), former member of the group INSTAR under Inter B.D. Entertainment, was accused of killing a delivery driver in his 50s after hitting his motorcycle while drunk-driving in Gangnam, Seoul, on February 3rd. She was criticized by police for hugging her dog instead of trying to save the victim. At that time, DJ Ye-song’s blood alcohol concentration was 0.221%, which was at the level of license cancellation.

DJ Yesong Ahn Ye-song-Lee Joon-dong

On February 26th, Lee Joon-dong, the senior prosecutor of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office, arrested and indicted DJ Yesong on charges of dangerous driving and running away under the Specific Crimes Aggravated Punishment Act, post-accident measures, and drunk driving under the Road Traffic Act.

DJ Yesong Ahn Ye-song-Lee Joon-dong

According to the prosecution, DJ Yesong was on the run after another drunk driving on the day of the accident. As the police further investigated DJ Yesong’s black box, they confirmed that she hit another car on the way before the accident. DJ Yesong ran away without doing anything after the accident, and eventually collided with a delivery driver and killed him. Regarding the hit-and-run accident that was committed earlier, the driver suffered injuries that took two weeks to recover from.

The prosecution met with the victim’s bereaved family and the representative of Delivery Driver Union, where the delivery driver belongs, and collected over 1,500 severe punishment applications as sentencing data.

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