NewJeans shows off dreamy fairy charm in “ASAP” teaser video

NewJeans boasts fairy-like visuals in the teaser for “ASAP” from their second mini-album “Get Up.” 

At midnight of June 27, NewJeans released a video teaser for “ASAP,” a song from their second mini-album “Get Up,” on HYBE LABELS YouTube and other social media platforms. In the teaser, NewJeans transformed into blondes reminiscent of fairies. 

The teaser started with a mysterious figure lurking in the dark while NewJeans were having fun in the forest. In another scene, a member was seen in dark hair and swimming in the water. As the teaser progresses, images of brunette and blonde NewJeans intermingle, raising curiosity to the reason behind the supposed inconsistency. 

Music-wise, with a rhythmical synth sound, “ASAP” exudes a dreamy atmosphere. At the end of the video, a line goes, “ASAP baby hurry up don’t be lazy.”


Netizens express their excitement for NewJeans’ comeback and hope that this song can continue extending the ADOR girl group’s success. 

In describing “ASAP,” ADOR said, “It’s a song that comes with cute and sparkly lyrics based on the Europop sound,” adding, “It’s a track that promises the lasting aftertaste of the album and the next meeting.” “The music video of ‘ASAP’ tells a special story with Bunnies (fans of NewJeans),” ADOR explained.


After ten hours of release, the teaser received 1.3 million views.

NewJeans’ second mini-album “Get Up” will be released on July 21. On July 7, “Super Shy” and “New Jeans” will be released ahead of the album. 

Source: Wikitree 

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