NewJeans Hanni’s cover of IU’s “Through the Night” received explosive reactions 

Hanni, a member of girl group NewJeans, is receiving a lot of praise for her cover of an IU song and said to be a “born idol”

Since her debut with ADOR girl group NewJeans, Hanni has been the talk of town. With skills covering all sorts of areas, from singing, dancing, to composing, Hanni is considered a rare “all-rounder” among 4th gen Kpop idols. While Hanni is mostly recognized for her dancing, her voice is also a rare gem, and her recent cover of IU’s “Through the Night” is a prime evidence. 

Hanni played the guitar and sang IU’s “Through the Night”

With her cover of IU’s “Through the Night”, Hanni was showered in praise over her soulful and pleasant voice. At the same time, her acoustic instrument playing fit the cover perfectly, earning admiration for being multi-talented. Hanni’s bright vocals easily harmonized with the melody of “Through the Night”, living up to the hit of her senior. 

As a result, many netizens are demanding a collaboration between Hanni and IU. 

newjeans hanni
Hanni’s cover is going viral across the net 

This is not the first time Hanni shows off her talents, either. In fact, she has been called an “all-rounder” through each and every release. From her beautiful voice, excellent dancing, natural stage presence, to instrument skills, it seems that Hanni is a truly “born idol”. 

newjeans hanni
Hanni earned the title “all-rounder” with her excellent skills

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • It may be too early to say this, but I think Hanni should be the first member of NewJeans to go solo. She is multi-talented 
  • Hanni is truly born to be idol. Even her real name is Pham Hanni
  • Isn’t this way too good???? She should collaborate with IU
  • Is there any thing that our Hanni cannot do??
  • Hanni’s voice is crazy. My ears seem to melt while listening to her sing 
  • She can also play the ukulele, right? I remember thinking “wow, she’s a good singer” while watching her sing while playing the ukulele
  • Normally Hanni sounds like a baby, but once she sings, everything seems to change …

Source: theqoo

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