Kim Tae Ri’s Fans Create Mock Exam for Her Birthday

Kim Tae Ri's fans held the 'Kim Tae Ri Area Mock Exam' event on her birthday every year, April 24th. This event has been held annually since 2016, except for 2018 and 2020.

The ‘Kim Tae Ri Area Mock Exam’ event is an event where fans create test questions and take the exam. Kim Tae Ri also writes a letter to her fans and leaves a message while writing the answer sheet every year.


Last year, Kim Tae Ri submitted her answer sheet herself, including the last question, “Write what you want to say,” and wrote, “Thank you as always. I am also preparing to repay you in some way.

In 2023, Kim Tae Ri’s fans celebrated her birthday by creating a mock exam and posting photos of them visiting the event cafe.


Meanwhile, Kim Tae Ri is set to appear in the movie ‘Alienoid 2,’ and will return to the small screen in June with the SBS drama ‘The Devil’ with actors Oh Jung Se and Hong Kyung.

‘The Devil’ is a new drama by screenwriter Kim Eun Hee. Kim Tae Ri plays Gu San Young, who becomes entangled with The Devil after receiving her father’s inheritance as a 9th-grade civil service exam candidate.

Oh Jung Se plays Yeom Hae Sang, a folklore professor who can see The Devil, and Hong Kyung plays Lee Hong Sae, a former police officer who graduated at the top of the police academy.

Source: wikitree

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