NewJeans Haerin, “‘Rhombus heart’ pose? I didn’t want to do the normal heart, so I unintentionally did something different”

NewJeans Haerin revealed items in her bag and the behind-the-scenes story of her signature “rhombus heart” pose.

On May 13th, a video titled “A lovely frog appears in Haerin’s bag?” was uploaded on the Youtube channel of VOGUE KOREA.


Introducing her first bag, which is a famous bag from luxury brand D, Haerin said, “There are some simple and unique items in my bag”.

Picking out her AirPods as soon as she opened her bag, Haerin said, “I need to have AirPods. They are very important to me, so I bring them everywhere. I listen to music that are not too happy but not too sad. Normally, I like to listen to melodies, so I put the melodies that I like on repeat”.

Haerin then showed her perfume, wallet, cellphone, and a cat figure. She said, “I got this in Japan by a claw machine on the street. It got it because it’s cute”, adding “When I have nothing to do, I’d fidget it, especially when I see it after opening my bag. It’s a decoration inside my bag”.

She also brought her diary, which can be used for many years. Haerin smiled and said, “I bring it so that I can write something on it on special days. I’m good at making my diary look pretty. I have many stickers and bought some diary books, but I don’t really use them. I will surely use them today”. Showing her frog-shaped pouch, the female idol explained, “When I first saw it, I told myself that I have to get it. They only had one more left to go so I purchased it immediately. It actually has a bigger room than it looks like.”

When asked about the “rhombus heart”, Haerin said, “I didn’t mean to do a rhombus heart”, adding “When we decided to make a heart, I guess I didn’t want to make a heart so I did something different and people started to call it a ‘rhombus heart’. In the ‘OMG’ music video, there is a segment where every member poses in front of the camera.”

Source: Daum

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