NewJeans’ Four Daesangs: Min Hee-jin’s Sweet Revenge+MMA Audio Incident

NewJeans swept a total of four Daesangs annd was embroiled in various rumors

Following the 2023 MAMA AWARDS at the end of last month, NewJeans won two more Daesangs at the Melon Music Awards (MMA 2023) held on December 2nd.

Previously, NewJeans the “Song of the Year” for “Ditto” and the “Artist of the Year” at MAMA 2023. However, as the group did not attend the ceremony, they could not share their feelings nor did any stage performance. No pre-award acceptance speech video was prepared, so despite winning two Daesangs, the group did not receive any spotlight.

Some Internet users speculated that NewJeans’ agency CEO, ADOR’s Min Hee-jin, may have been offended by the fact that the group attended “MAMA” last year, but ended up not receiving any awards.

To make matters worse, NewJeans needed to go on stage to take a producer award trophy on behalf of Min Hee-jin. Reporter-turned-YouTuber Lê Jin-hỏ drew attention by explaining the situation at the time and saying that CEO Min Hee-jin, who was watching NewJeans receiving the award on behalf of her, was heartbroken.

Since then, CEO Min Hee-jin has decided to boycott not only “MAMA” but also Mnet’s music program “M Countdown,” and the fact that NewJeans did not appear in “M Countdown” during their promotion for the 2nd mini “Get Up” has been re-examined. In this regard, various online communities have raised a rumor called “Min Hee-jin’s revenge theory.”


The controversy didn’t end here. NewJeans once again won the “Song of the Year” and “Artist of the Year” awards for “Ditto” in MMA 2023. However, the group has become the talk of the town again this time. First of all, fans expressed dissatisfaction over the order of announcing Daesangs at MMA this year. Usually the winning “Artist of the Year” will be the one to have the final stage at the ceremony, but this year, NCT Dream, who won the Record of the Year, was responsible for the ending. Moreover, many people believe NewJeans, who won two Daesangs, should be the artist to have the final performance.

On top of that, an audio accident occurred during NewJeans’ stage. The song and the members’ lips didn’t match each other. In response, Internet users flooded in asking for an explanation of the situation, and the ceremony organizers reportedly announced it as an “audio delay issue.”

NewJeans has written new history for KPOP by breaking many records in just one year since its debut. However, it seems that they are being embroiled in many controversies regarding their newly accepted four Daesangs.

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