NewJeans fanbase insulting BLACKPINK Lisa now reported by Thailand and Philippines media

Thailand and Philippines media has covered the news of NewJeans fanbase insulting BLACKPINK Lisa on TV and online news sites. 

Previously on August 10th, NewJeans Global, a large fanbase of girl group NewJeans with 141,000 followers, was spotted insulting BLACKPINK Lisa on the SNS platform Twitter. 

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Upon being discovered, the fanbase claimed that they were “actively being hacked”, before setting their account to private and started to publish posts in Arabic, continuing to insult Lisa.

According to Arab netizens, however, these posts are poorly phrased and likely made using a translator like Google Translate.  

As a result, fans of Lisa demanded an official apology from NewJeans Global, and started to trend the keyword “APOLOGIZE TO LISA” on a worldwide scale. However, NewJeans Global did not respond, instead started to block Lisa’s fans, sparking outrage. 

This entire situation is now being covered by media outlets in Thailand and the Philippines, appearing on various online articles and even making it on TV. 

Source: VKR

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