New Instagram of BTS’s Jungkook Attacked by Hate Comments 

BTS’s Jungkook recently made a new Instagram account for his dog, only to be faced with a flood of hate comments. 

Last year, BTS’s Jungkook announced that he has deleted his personal Instagram account for good, claiming that he has no interest to continue using the platform, leaving deep disappointment in a lot of fans. 

However, Jungkook recently returned to Instagram with an account for his dog, Bam, exciting fans. 

jungkook bam

Announcing this new Instagram, Jungkook wrote on the fan communication platform Weverse, saying, “I can’t brag about anything right now so I’m going to brag about my baby. Have a fun “night” (Bam) from now on”, before revealing the account handle @bowwow_bam. 

So far, there have been a total of 7 posts on this account, all focusing on Jungkook’s beloved Dobermann Bam. The only appearance of Jungkook is via the profile title “Bam’s dad” and in the profile photo, where the male idol can be seen hugging his dog happily. 

bts jungkook instagram account

Despite how wholesome the account is, however, a flood of hate remarks can be found under the comment section of every post, leaving hateful emojis and calling Jungkook words like “cringe”, “dirty”, and “failure”. 

At the moment, fans are calling for each other to leave more wholesome comments and interact with them to overshadow the hate comments. 

Source: X, Krb

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