Never Seen Photo of Song Hye-kyo Emerges, “Certified Natural Beauty”

A new photo of Song Hye-kyo which has never been seen before has drawn huge attention

On December 1, Koreaboo reported that Song Hye-kyo had recently stirred up the online community with a never-seen-before photo. In particular to celebrate the actress’ birthday on November 22, Song Hye-kyo’s stylist, Jo Eun-jung, sent her wishes along with a photo attached .

In the photo, the appearance of Song Hye-kyo in her childhood was revealed. With large eyes, perfectly harmonious features, and a cute expression, the actress gained immense praise, and was even said to be a “certified natural beauty” by netizens. 

song hye kyo
The photo shared by Song Hye-ko’s stylist
song hye kyo
Meanwhile, Song Hye-kyo has become the talk of town multiple times in the past with her childhood images. The actress has always possessed a striking appearance like a child model
song hye kyo
Even in her mid-40s, Song Hye-kyo seems to never age, living up to her title of “visual goddess”. 

Song Hye-kyo’s outstanding visuals have stood out among peers since she was in school. During her years at Eunkwang High School, the actress was a famous hot girl and easily caught the eyes of producers. 

As a result, she entered the entertainment industry early and eventually gained explosive popularity after starring in the hit drama “Autumn in My Heart”

song hye kyo
Song Hye-kyo when she was a model

Source: Koreaboo, K14

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