Netizens React to G-Dragon in 2023 “Hypebeast 100” List for Influential Street Fashion 

G-Dragon is the only idol to appear on “Hypebeast 100”, a list compiling street fashion’s most influential people

Recently, No.1 street fashion magazine Hypebeast released the 2023 “Hypebeast 100”, a list of 100 people who are extremely influential in the street fashion world. 

Here, G-Dragon made the list, and is the only K-pop idol to do so. 

In particular, Hypebeast started by praising G-Dragon’s band, PEACEMINUSONE, which has grown rapidly in popularity, adding that the PEACEMINUSONE x Nike Kwondo 1 was perhaps “ one of the greatest releases last year”,

The magazine also described PEACEMINUSONE’s apparel collection as “not far behind when it comes to popularity”. 

On the other hand, G-Dragon was the first Korean star to be mentioned in Hypebeast 100, having appeared in the list 7 times since 2013. He is also the only Asian musician to make the list in 2023.

Below are some comments from netizens regarding G-Dragon in the 2023 “Hypebeast 100” list: 

  • G-Dragon is also the first Korean celebrity to be the cover model for Hypebeast
  • He is a pioneer who has always created a path on its own, from creating the airport fashion trend to being the first Asian celebrity on Hypebeast 100. It is simply impressive. 
  • Congratulations GD! I heard that he was the only Korean celebrity chose and realized that his influence in fashion is a lot greater than I thought
  • Judging from the fact that even his police appearance has become a hot topic, he is truly a celebrity with top-tier star quality.
  • GD’s identity is very clear and I know that he will overcome every situation well, so I keep looking forward to him, whether it be in music or fashion. Even people who are not GD fans think that even if something happens, GD will come back and be active again.

Source: Hypebeast, Pann Nate

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