Netizens have mixed reactions to Choo Ja-hyun’s husband posting happy pictures with her after cheating rumors 

Chinese fans showed both support and doubt as Choo Ja-hyun’s husband, Yu Xiao-guang, who was embroiled in an “infidelity controversy,” sent a New Year’s greeting through Chinese SNS. 

On February 1st, Yu Xiao-guang resumed his SNS activities, which had been suspended after the rumors of him having an affair, by making a post that said, “Happy New Year~ Please give us a lot of support and love in the future.” In the photos posted, Choo Ja-hyun and Yu Xiao-guang look lovely-dovely, laughing face to face and kissing each other’s cheeks. In addition, they put their arms on each other’s shoulders and he made a heart sign. 

Thousands of comments were made under the post on the morning of February 4th. There were cheering comments, but there were also many comments of advice and reminders of last year’s controversy. Chinese fans said, “You represent the Chinese and we netizens are watching you,” “Be nice to our Ja-hyun,” and “If you put someone else on your lap again, I will break your leg.” 

Yu Xiao-guang resumed his SNS activities
Yu Xiao-guang’s Weibo

Earlier in July last year, Yu Xiao-guang was seen having a woman sitting on his lap in a car on the way home from a drinking party, sparking rumors of the couple’s conflicts through Chinese entertainment media. Since then, Yu Xiao-guang has also been criticized for posing closely with women in past photos. Since Choo Ja-hyun is enjoying her peak popularity in China, criticism against Yu Xiao-guang has intensified. 

Yu Xiao-guang resumed his SNS activities

The woman Yu Xiao-guang had on his lap was explained to be an acquaintance of Choo Ja-hyun, and rumors of the couple’s discord ended with a happy ending. However, in the ensuing criticism, Yu Xiao-guang apologized and the couple stopped their SNS activities. 

Choo Ja-hyun and Yu Xiao-guang appeared in a Chinese drama together in 2011, started dating in 2015 and got married in 2017. They have a son together. The couple appeared on SBS reality show “Same Bed Different Dreams” and received a lot of love. Yu Xiao-guang was even nicknamed “Nation’s Son-in-law.”

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