Netflix’s series “Celebrity” went viral just one day after its release

Most of the comments are that it is interesting because it realistically tells the story of SNS influencers who have emerged as rising aristocrats.

Netflix released the web drama “Celebrity” on June 30th.


The 12-episode “Celebrity” depicts the desires and mysteries surrounding people who become social media influencers, living as so-called celebrities and the people who envy them.

It is a new work by director Kim Cheol Kyu, who was loved for “Confession”, “Chicago Typewriter” and “Hwang Jin Yi”.


Prior to the release of “Celebrity”, director Kim explained, “I wanted to portray in a very realistic way how people living in the SNS world desire, envy, fight and love.”

The actors’ solid acting skills also added to viewers’ immersion level.

Park Gyu Young played Seo Ah Ri, who becomes an influencer with 1.3 million followers overnight, and perfectly digested her character with a wide range of emotions.


Lee Chung Ah played Yoon Shi Hyeon, an influencer who is more influential than anyone else although she does not even have an SNS account. The actress drew attention from viewers with her dense acting.

Jun Hyo Seong, a member of girl group Secret, also attempted a successful acting transformation by properly digesting the role of SNS celebrity Oh Min Hye.

Lee Dong Gun, who appeared in front of the public after a long time with this work, added tension to the drama by taking on the role of Tae Jeon, who is obsessed with sense of entitlement.


Viewers’ reaction is quite good after the release of the work.

As of July 1st, “Celebrity” entered Netflix’s “Rising Content Now”, and reviews are pouring out online as well.

Netizens showed reviews such as “It gets more exciting as the episodes go by“, “Jun Hyo Seong’s acting is okay“, “Lee Dong Gun and Lee Chung Ah’s chemistry is also good“, “It has a strange charm that makes me keep watching it“, “I hope there’ll be season 2!“…

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