Close relationships with Song Hye Kyo and Jennie (BLACKPINK), Shin Hyun Ji is on the roll with her career while maintaining strong, intimate bonds 

Shin Hyun Ji is celebrating new milestones in acting and modeling. 

It was reported that Shin Hyun Ji joined the original Wavve drama “Park Ha Kyung’s Travel Diary,” known as actress Lee Na Young’s return drama. “Park Ha Kyung’s Travel Diary” tells the story of Park Ha Kyung (Lee Na Young), a Korean language teacher who goes on a one-day trip on Saturday when she wants to disappear. Shin Hyun Ji is expected to play one of the characters Lee Na Young meets during her travels.

Shin Hyun Ji

Shin Hyun Ji is known to have started her acting career in 2021 with a cameo appearance in SBS’s drama “Now, We’re Breaking Up” starring Song Hye Kyo, also her best friend. Shin Hyun Ji’s influence started supposedly from her acquaintances, who are also models and actresses, namely “Squid Game” Jung Ho Yeon and Lee Ho Jung.

Shin Hyun Ji

Shin Hyun Ji is one of Korea’s top models and became the winner of the 2013 “Korea’s Next Top Model 4,” the “birthplace” of many famous models in the field. After winning the program, she signed a contract with an overseas modeling agency and went leaps and bounds with her career. Hyun Ji is sought after for her marked Asian features and proportions. For the public, it is her relationship that drew attention. Hyun Ji boasts a close relationship with actress Song Hye Kyo and BLACKPINK Jennie, evident in her Instagram photos. 

Shin Hyun Ji

Recently, Shin Hyun Ji was the first Asian to walk the closing show at Chanel’s 2023 Spring-Summer Haute Couture Show last month. Hyun Ji’s agency GOST Agency said, “It is unprecedented for an Asian model to walk the Chanel closing show alone, so this is a very meaningful event in the fashion world.” She first appeared on the Chanel pre-collection with an Fall/Winter show in 2016 and did the closing show seven years later, proving her own charm that never faded after 11 years. 

shin hyun ji
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