Netflix releases a list of high-quality new works for this holiday, featuring IU and Dwayne Johnson 

Netflix has released a list of new works to entertain the Korean audience during the holiday, which will last until June 6th.

Netflix has released a list of new works in the first week of June, raising expectations. The list consists of various genres that are good to enjoy during the holiday, which will last a total of three days.

Various genres were listed on the list, from action films such as “Interceptor” and “Rampage,” to “Shades of the Heart” featuring IU, and the web entertainment show “Changed Days 2,” which deals with love concerns.

In addition, the Netflix series “Borgen: Power and Glory Season 1,” which follows the well-made political drama “Borgen,” will be released. “Interceptor” is a story that takes place when Army Captain Collins confronts a terrorist attack aimed at the only missile interceptor that protects the world from nuclear missiles.


In particular, Chris Hemsworth’s wife and actress Elsa Pataki played the main character, drawing attention even before the release. “Interceptor”, which features colorful action scenes and a tense narrative, will be available on Netflix on June 3rd.

In the super-giant monster film “Rampage,” the audience will get the chance to see the humane and warm side of lead actor Dwayne Johnson.


Dwayne Johnson plays a heartwarming character who stays away from human beings, but makes friends with giant gorillas and monsters, drawing more expectations.

IU (Lee Ji-eun), who recently attended the 75th Cannes International Film Festival as a cast member of “Broker,” can also be seen in “Shades of the Heart” on Netflix this holiday.

“Shades of the Heart” is also the work of director Kim Jong-kwan, who showed his emotional directing skills in “Walking at Night,” an episode from the Netflix series “Persona,” where IU appeared as the main character.


“Shades of the Heart” is a movie about 4 people who met by chance and split up with novelist Chang-seok, who returned to Seoul after 7 years. IU took on the role of “Mi-young”. Stories gathered along Chang-seok’s footsteps in Seoul, which seems familiar but strange, will bring out all kinds of emotions he encounters in his life and deliver lingering emotions.

In addition, “Borgen: Power & Glory Season 1” is a Netflix series that follows Season 3 of “Borgen”, which is famous as a well-made political drama. “Borgen: Power & Glory Season 1” tells the story of Danish Foreign Minister Birgitte Nyborg falling into crisis as she is embroiled in an international diplomatic dispute over oil found in Greenland. The drama will be released on Netflix on June 2nd.


Beside movies, there is also a web entertainment show called “Change Days Season 2”, which contains love concerns that anyone can relate to. “Change Days”, which recorded 47 million cumulative views on Kakao TV, will return with Season 2. MCs Jang Do-yeon, Yang Se-chan, Code Kunst and Heo Young-ji will appear on the program, raising expectations even more.

Korean Shows

Although their ages, jobs and dating periods are different, it is a new concept of dating reality show in which lovers who are on the verge of separation travel together for their own reasons to find love and happiness. In Season 2, a total of 4 couples will travel together for about 2 weeks, and they are expected to capture more diverse emotions than in Season 1. You can check it out on Netflix on June 2nd.

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