NCT Taeyong Spotted Smoking in Japan, Netizens Show Mixed Reactions

A video circulating online alleges that NCT Taeyong was smoking and littering on Japan’s streets, which are banned in the country.

Recently, a topic titled “NCT Taeyong spotted smoking in the streets of Japan” was published on the Korean forum Pann Nate, drawing attention.

In particular, the topic attached a video of Taeyong smoking outdoors in Japan, as well as claimed that this action is considered illegal in the nation and could result in fines unless conducted in areas specifically allocated for smokers.

On top of this, a netizen alleged that Taeyong even threw his cigarette bud on the streets, and many started to criticize the NCT members.

Others expressed a desire for Korea to implement stricter regulations on street smoking, mentioning anecdotes about Japanese citizens carrying portable ashtrays due to stringent laws. Some even questioned why Taeyong seems to be a recurring source of trouble in NCT.

On the contrary, some netizens challenged the notion that Japan is entirely smoke-free, sharing personal experiences of witnessing people smoking on the streets. Others noted that as recently as 2018, smoking inside bars was permitted in Japan. Additionally, there were calls to address the issue of sasaeng fans following NCT members.

Meanwhile, Taeyong’s group NCT 127 recently concluded the Seoul leg of their 3rd world tour “The Unity”.

Source: Pann Nate, Allkpop

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